The Shofar A Brief History

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The Shofar

A Brief History

By Tim Grant

© Copyright 2004 by Timothy Grant

Learn the history of the Shofar

It's significance

Who blows the Shofar?

Learn scriptures containing the Shofar

Hear the different calls and learn their meaning.

Hear the power of the Shofar!

The Shofar is an ancient Hebrew instrument made from a ram's horn and used by the Israelites to honor God, anoint Kings, gather the people together and much more.
Learn the Biblical history of the Shofar and hear its power.

Available on ether cassette or CD.
Comes with pamphlet of scriptures containing the words trumpet, cornet and rams horn. Plus tips on buying a Shofar.
You get the CD with the history, scriptures, and sounds, Plus the pamphlet of scriptures and tips on buying a Shofar.

All for only $8.50 per copy.
+ $3.00 shipping & handling for 1-3 copies .50 for each additional copy.

(U.S. only. E-mail me your postal code for shipping outside the U.S.)

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The Shofar a Brief History
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If not completely satisfied I will refund your money.
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What's on the recording?

1. Blast of the shofar

2. History

3. Scriptures containing shofars

4. The three notes of the shofar

5. Sounds with explanation

6. Sounds only

If you would like to know more about the Shofar click here.

What's a Shofar?

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